Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Are you ready to put the final touches on your summer project?

Blocking.  It’s key to opening up stitch patterns, straitening edges and giving your project a crisp professional look.
We have Knitters Blocks and blocking wires from Fiber Dreams in lace and worsted weight size.  The wires come in a baker’s dozen (13) light-weight, stainless steel wires each are 3 feet long in a slim plastic storage tube.   
The Knitter’s Block kits are a set of 12” square blocking tiles that snap together like pieces of a puzzle so variety of shapes and sizes can be made; a square for sweaters, a long rectangle for scarves or a triangle for shawls.  It has a very low, lightly barbed pile fabric covering that gently grips your knitting without pilling or leaving fibers.
The kits include an instruction pamphlet, nine (9) blocking squares, T-pins and a 32" × 36" lint-free pressing cloth made of 100% Egyptian cotton for steam blocking. 

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