Thursday, April 14, 2011

Note of Thanks

Debee Wachtel who picks up and delivery's all the wonderful hats and scarfs that have been knitted by our Central Coast knitters to Operation Gratitude shared a "note of thanks" she received  from a soldier with me that I want to share with you.  

"My platoon has received a few of the scarves in care packages and I know for a fact that I have taken them out on a few patrols when the weather gets cold.  Although it may sound a little stupid, it does make the guys and myself feel good to know that there are people back in the states that haven't forgotten about us.  Again just a thanks to everyone for their hard work and getting us some warm winter scarves"
V/R LT. Lawrence M. Wilson

Debee drops by the store every other month to pick up the items so please feel free to come by anytime with them and if we're not here slip them through the mail slot.  :-)

Our Knitters ROCK!!!!!!!!!

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