Thursday, March 10, 2011

 We  received our Chic~a order and it sure was a colorful box to open!   It was filled with Zipper Pouches, in all three sizes with a solid or clear front, 
Project Bags, & Single and Double Yarn Keepers. 

Chic~a Project Bags are reversible so you'll get two fun looks for one great price, and if you're tiered of plastic zip lock bags to store your yarn in while working on a project the Yarn Keepers solves that problem.   Zipper Pouches are not only being enjoyed by knitters, crocheters, quilter and embroiders for their projects, they have crossed over to the student and business professionals because of there perfect size for keeping papers organized for reports.

Come by and see for yourself how practical and fun Chic~a can be!!

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