Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Successful Stash Swap!

Today was the Spring Stash Swap and it was a success! Many people brought in yarn from their stash and took home yarn from the assembled stash collection. Everyone was happy and liked the idea. All leftover yarn will be donated to several different causes like the local schools and to prisons.

Thank you to everyone who brought in yarn to make this a fun event. There was a good turn out and it looks like this may become an annual or semi-annual event!


Marieke said...

I'm so happy it turned out well! I wish I could have been there!!

chauntel said...

I am so sad that I couldn't come, it sounds like I missed out! Although, tons of my yarn is now going to charity, that makes me ridiculously happy!

Knit and Pearl Boutique said...

The first Spring Stash Swap was a success, many thanks to everyone who came and donated yarn. Bonnie came by and picked up the donation for the womens prison in Chowchilla and was quite moved by the donation.....Santa Barbara knitters ROCK!!!